Project title is Air Force Security System Using Thumb Checker. Air Force Security System is developed to help the airport security in detecting the valid passport holders by using their finger print. It will check finger print of the passport holder with available records of finger prints. It will show an alert message to airport security if finger print matching is not found. If match found, then this system will check the passport holder’s behavior. It will play the emergency alarm if the behavior of passport holder is not good. If he committed any crime or offense then system will reject him.

Air Force Security System Using Thumb CheckerReasons to take finger prints:

Nowadays, finger printing is playing a very important role in finding the criminals within short interval of time. It is helping the police in solving the crime case by giving the accurate identification of criminal using his finger print. Police will find the finger print in the place where crime happened and compare it with finger prints of existing criminals. If match is found then we can get to know who is criminal and can arrest that criminal easily. This method works very efficiently because finger print of a person will not change.  It is better than other identification methods like hair color or style, weight or eye color which can be changed by the criminal and trap the police.

Also police can use this method in finding the criminal if a person gets murdered in his home. Firstly police needs to take finger prints of family members and friends then compare it with finger print in the incident place. If match found, police can arrest that person immediately. In 1900s, people are finding the criminals by identifying their branding, tattooing and even maiming. But these methods are not effective like finger printing. Because tattoos can be erased, outfits can be changed but finger print will be remained same for person’s life time. So now it is widely accepted method and is used in finding the criminals all over the world.

FBI started to use finger printing method from 1924, it filed total 810,188 fingerprints files in a year. At that time most criminals are crossing state lines so no. of files increased rapidly. This method helped FBI in finding criminals quickly and efficiently. Now over 250 million sets of fingerprint records are filed by the FBI. It includes finger prints of both criminal and civil cases. The fingerprints of government employees and applicants for federal jobs are included in the civil cases.

The finger print of a person will be printed in eight-inch square piece of paper. This card looks like a thin card board by its thickness. Now over 34,000 fingerprint cards are received by the FBI daily.

Project title:

Air Force Security System Using Thumb Checker

Hardware Requirements:

RAM: Minimum 512MB RAM and Above

Processor: Minimum PIV 2.8 GHz Processor and Above

Hard Disk: Minimum 20 GB Hard Disk Space and Above

Software Requirements:

Front End: Visual Studio .Net 2005 Enterprise Edition

Visual Studio .Net Framework

Back End: SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition

Operating System: WINDOWS XP / 7

Internet Information Server 5.0 (IIS)

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