Due to the busy lifestyle of today’s parents, its very difficult to monitor their children every time. The average home is responsible for the highest number of injuries amongst young children. So we created a wireless system to assist childminding and reduce the risk of child injury at home. Child safety Monitoring System, is a home-use system developed to always keep an eye on the children at home. 

Child safety and Monitoring System
child safety and monitoring system

How it works:

In today’s marketplace, other similar competitors of the electronic child monitoring system are available. Two of the more common systems are the Digital Angel and Kidbug. But our system uses both Bluetooth technology and proprietary RF communication to provide parents with an instantaneous voice communication link to their child with constant awareness of their child’s location. It will alert the parent when children come close to potential dangers. parents should keep RF communication kit in dangerous areas. Hardware for these modules will entail voice signal conversion and user interfaces constructed for compatibility with Bluetooth communication. 

Hardware requirements:

  • Hardware monitoring kit for parents
  • Hardware kit for child
  • RF Communication kit
  • Bluetooth communication kit

– Detect children (and notify parent) if a child enters an area where potential dangers are already identified.

– Notify parent if a child leaves a predetermined area.

– Detect extreme temperatures in surroundings and notify parent if determined that potential danger exists.

– It is a system that can be incorporated into the lifestyle of parents and will  promote the freedom of mobility in their daily lives. Hence, allows parents to live their hectic lifestyle whilst always supervising their children.

– Educate children about potentially dangerous household areas like gas stove or swimming pool.

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