Reusable Component Resource System is a web application designed for Software Company. To provide the web application to a software company to search, download and upload the software codes or components developed at their premises for later usage by their employees. In building a web application, we look at using a browser as primary user interface. The information in web application will flow from web server to client using protocol.Title of the project – Reusable Component Resource System (RCRS) for an IT Enterprise

Reusable Component Resource System

Project category – Web application

Language(s) to be used – ASP.NET with VB, HTML

Structure of the program

The RCRS act as an essential tool in Software Company and as a repository (storage) system which gives the employees to upload code which are developed by them and provides the option to search components which are required for the development of their application and also to download the components with the permission of the administrator.

The program consists of mainly two modules:

Administrator (admin):  This module has control over the system and contains sub modules like EmpReg (Employee register), Category, SubCategory, Repository, Reqcode (Requested code).

Employee: This module only registers the employees who are registered into RCRS. It facilitates to change password given by administrator for his convenience. It consists of sub modules like Upload, SimpSearch (Simple Search), AdvSearch (Advance Search), Download.

Data Structure

Administrator is organized into five tables:

  • Employee

It describes the information about employee of the company with attributes

  • EmpID
  • EmpName
  • Location
  • City
  • Phone_no
  • Password
  • Doj
  • Category

Is contains information about the categories of available component.

  • CatgID
  • CatgName
  • Subcategory

This contains information of subcategory of available components.

  • SubcID
  • SubcName
  • Description
  • Ufiles

This contains information of uploaded components.

  • Uid
  • Udate
  • Uname
  • CatgID
  • SubcID
  • Description
  • Rqfiles

It contains information about files requested.

  • Uid
  • EmpID
  • RqDate
  • Status
  • Downloadlog

This contains the downloaded components.

  • Uid
  • dDate
  • EmpID
  • description
  • Repository

This contains files uploaded.

  • RepoID
  • CatgID
  • DirName

Download project synopsis:

Download synopsis


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