The assay cope executive loom is an application that is designed for the online lab. In laboratories you can find different chemicals that are kept to conduct the chemical processes or there might be some blood samples of the people for test. The information related to these are mostly stored through the pen, paper work.  All the information related to these stuffs can be stored in the laboratory management system with great ease. This will be one of the projects that will be very useful and will help to maintain the activities of the laboratory really well.

Assay Cope Executive Loom

There will be many chemicals that will be present in the laboratory. Through this application, the nurses or the doctors can locate the position of the chemicals that is present in the laboratory. Even the blood samples of the particular person must be kept in the right place. The position of the blood samples of the particular person that is kept in the laboratory can also be maintained through this application. The modules included in the assay cope executive loom application are as follows:

  • User login module: The user who has logged in to the application will be validated through this module.
  • Administrator module: This module will only accessed by the admin of the application.
  • User registration module: The timely reports can be obtained and sent to the management with great ease through this module.
  • Research and test module: The investigation tests, research report, development report can be maintained easily through the use of this module.
  • Tracking module: The status of the tests that have been done of the patients can be tracked easily through this module.
  • Lab view module: The lab details can be maintained easily through this module.
  • Reports module: The lab view report, chemical report and status tracking report can be can be obtained through this module with great ease.


  • User Login Module: This module mainly checks the user authentication and authorization process and it validates from the centralized database
  • Administrator module: The admin of the web application controls the working process of the project. The admin will be maintaining the lab details, chemical report details and the lab report for future research and development.
  • User Registration module: The user in the point of employee, customer and resource can be fetched and updated on a timely basis and these reports will be sent to the management and also to the client team.
  • Research and Test module:  Different type of tests like investigation tests, research report and development report will be made and it can be gathered with the administrator of the project in the real time.
  • Tracking module: The status reports will be tracked and maintained for tracking the chemical tests, patient tests, for research and development of the project reports. The administrator will be tracking the reports with terms of the future analyzing and development of the reports in case of the analyzing and maintaining the test delivery and reorganization.
  • Lab View module: The lab details of the firm will be maintained and it will be integrated with the other cycles of the project in terms of view analysis and structure based techniques to be implemented for further tracking and analyzing conceptual programming,
  • Reports module: The different type of reports like lab view report, chemical report and status tracking report will be sent to the client team and to the management team to recognize the different lab process view and also to update the current status of the reports.

Download Project Report:

download project report


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