SMS Marketing tool is the one of best marketing tool in this trend to advertise any product. With SMS sender application is the system which sends SMS from PC to mobile phones. This sends through API code. This API code connects to SMS gateway hub. This project is developed using and SQL database server. After sending messages the SMS content stores in the database. This is the software application works in all widows platform.

SMS Marketing tool

Project title:

SMS Marketing tool

There are three types of SMS facilities are there in this:
1) Individual SMS: This system will send the messages to the users by entering contact number and message text.
2) Bulk SMS: In this method you can send one message to multiple number. To send messages more than one user you have to create group or enter multiple number with comma.
3) Scheduled SMS: In the schedule SMS user can schedule individual and bulk SMS by entering date and time. The server will send the SMS on scheduled date and time.

Advantages of this system:

  • Advertisers can send Buk SMS to all their customers.
  • Every customer read advertisements which is received to them. So advertising company can directly promote their product through messaging system.
  • This is Cheap and Best advertisement tool. Advertisers have to pay 0.05 paisa to 0.20 paisa per SMS.

Software requirements:
Front end: VB.NET
Back end: SQL server

SMS API is the code developed by SMS provider, which helps to integrate smart messaging feature with our software application.

– Internet connection required to send SMS.
– User must enter valid mobile numbers.
– User must subscribe for any SMS provider.

Download source code file:
Here we uploaded source code files with API. Using this you can develop any kind of application. You can integrate this code with any of your application.




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