Check Post Vehicle Analyzer

Check Post Vehicle Analyzer project is a mechanical and automobile project which is developed for accessing the information about the vehicles such as its register number, model no, owner name and address at the check post areas without vehicle owner’s knowledge.

Project title: Check Post Vehicle Analyzer

Project description:
We designed the proposed system to monitor all the vehicles at the check post areas by tracing the vehicle information like vehicle number, owner name etc automatically without any inconvenience. In existing system we manually monitor vehicles at the check post areas and when there is heavy traffic we cannot get information about all the vehicles in existing system.

We can maintain full records of all vehicles which crossed that check post area with date and time by using this system. We can solve various problems which occur in check post by using the data which is stored in this system.

In this system, we are placing the receiver at stations for monitoring the vehicles at check post and it will receive the vehicle information from the RF transmitter which is placed in the vehicles. The transmitters in the vehicles will transmit information at the same frequency with a unique security code to the receiver so this system prevents unauthorized users from sending wrong information to the receiver. This system is very helpful for the traffic police to control the traffic at check post areas and solve the traffic problems quickly.

The transmitter in the vehicle will send vehicle information like model number, registration number, owner name and unique security code to receiver. The transmitter in the vehicle can send information only up to certain distance which prevents mingling of one vehicle information with information of another vehicle. If different vehicle information is mingled together it may lead to some problems in handling vehicles in check post. This information will be received by the receiver. The direction of the vehicle is detected by the IR sensors and later this vehicle information will be get updated in their PC.


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