Vehicle Loan Watching System

The main objective of this project is to provide communication between two-wheeler buyers and sellers in a vehicle loan system through more advanced technologies. The proposed system should work very efficiently and it must provide solution to the problems in existing systems. By using this project, we can calculate the amount and distance travelled by a specific vehicle.


In this project, the buyer can use a two-wheeler upto the SIM card validity period which is provided by the two-wheeler seller. He can’t use that vehicle after the expiry date of SIM card. By using Kilo meter counting circuit, we can calculate the travelling distance. We connected a sensor to the micro controller unit and it will take the meter reading of the two-wheeler. If the paid amount in SIM card is zero, then the petrol tank of the vehicle will get locked. Hence, the buyer can’t use that vehicle. The LCD display unit will display the distance and amount readings of the vehicle. Here, we provided two keys:

  • One key is for two-wheeler user to start the vehicle engine.
  • Second key is for two-wheeler seller to recharge the amount in SIM card.

This project is very useful for the companies that give vehicle loan to the customers.

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