Hydraulic Grease Gun


The main objective of the Hydraulic Grease Gun project is to fill grease in easy manner using the hydraulic pressure. This project is easy to use and works very efficiently.


The main parts of this project are given below:

  • Grease tank
  • Motor
  • Cylinder
  • Wheel and pulley
  • Grease gun
  • Piston


In this project, motor is connected with a wheel through a belt. The piston of the hydraulic unit is connected with the wheel. Hence, when the wheel makes one cycle, the piston will make one to and from motion inside the cylinder. The cylinder contains highly viscous liquid. The grease is stored in the grease tank. The grease tank is connected with the outlet of the hydraulic unit. When the liquid inside the hydraulic unit is compressed, it will give maximum pressure to the grease tank. The outlet of the hydraulic unit is connected with the grease gun. When the valve of the grease gun is opened, grease will come out of the grease tank in high pressure. With the help of the motor, the piston in the cylinder moves to and from there by it gives high pressure to the grease tank. So, the user can fill grease very easily. This project is user-friendly and its manufacturing cost is very less.



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