Fabrication of Coconut Tree Sprayer  


Nowadays, the growth of coconut tree is highly affected by the harmful insects. These insects attacks on outer layer of the coconut and infects the coconut. To solve this problem, many effective methods are implemented. In this project, we are using the spraying nozzle for spraying the insecticides on the coconuts. A spray nozzle is a spraying equipment that facilitates the formation of spray.

When a liquid is dispersed as a stream of droplets, it is referred as spray. Here, we are using the spray nozzle to achieve two primary functions:

1) It should spread a liquid over an area.

2) It should increase the liquid surface area to increase the evaporation.


The spray nozzle uses the liquid pressure as the energy source to break the liquid into droplets. By using spray nozzle, we can spray and distribute the insecticides, pesticides and water efficiently in the fields. This sprayer consumes less energy than a gas atomized or twin-fluid spray nozzle. As the pressure increases the liquid flow increases and the drop size decreases. But this leads to problems in achieving a certain flow rate at a given pressure and in selecting a specific droplet size. A special nozzle is developed to solve this problem. In certain applications, this nozzle can reduce the need of expensive compressed air. It creates a better and optimum control on the liquid spray. By using this nozzle, we can vary the liquid flow rate at a particular droplet size and pressure. Sprayers range in size from man-portable units. In agriculture field, a sprayer is called as a equipment that applies herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers to the agricultural crops. It is easy to use and works efficiently.




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