Engine Over Heat Alarm  



The main objective of the engine over heat alarm project is to display the heat of the engine and to produce the overheat alarm. This project is user-friendly and works very efficiently.


The main parts of this project are given below:

  • A petrol engine
  • Microcontroller
  • LCD Display
  • Electronic parts

The petrol engine contains a petrol tank, cylinder and piston arrangement, induction coil and carburetor. The petrol engine is connected with a heat sensor. This sensor is used to sense the heat of engine. Then, it will send the signal to a microcontroller. The microcontroller will analyze the signal and it sends signal to the LCD display. The LCD display will show the temperature of the engine.

If the heat crosses a particular limit, then the microcontroller will send signal to a buzzer via driver unit. So, the user can know the petrol engine’s status and he can switch off the petrol engine. This project is very useful because it prevents the engine from unnecessary burning. Here, we used the microcontroller to control the operations, so all operations are very sensitive. By using LCD display, the user can know the correct temperature of the engine.



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