Frictionless Electromagnetic Braking System  


The braking system of a car is undoubtedly one of its more important feature. The main objective of this proposed project is to develop a Frictionless Electromagnetic Braking system. This system is user-friendly and works efficiently. It is very helpful for the vehicle drivers.



This project is developed to provide more friendly and environmentally solution and to replace the existing hydraulic systems with an electro mechanical alternative to improve the durability, performance & controllability. After many experiments, it is proven that a system based on a magnetic phenomenon named eddy – currents can produce the desired result.

This is a contact less system. Hence, we can reduce the maintenance cost and it doesn’t require the brake pads. Another major advantage associated with this system lies in the absence of moving parts, exception made naturally to the rotating disk. This system is easy to use and minimizes the chances of malfunction.


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