Automatic Solar Water Heating System

Automatic Solar Water Heating System

The main aim of the Automatic Solar Water Heating System is to heat the water using solar power. The solar heater, heat sensors, pump, controlling unit and water tank are the main parts of this project.

The water tank contains two main parts. The cool water is stored in one part of the tank. In this project, a pump is used to pump the cool water to the solar heater. The water is circulated inside the solar heater and it gets heated. We connected the outlet of the solar heater on the other side of the water tank (hot water side).

We placed one sensor at the outlet of the water heater and we placed another heat sensor inside the cool water tank. A microcontroller unit is connected with these two sensors. The sensors will send signal to the microcontroller unit. If the temperature of the cool water (in water tank) is higher than the temperature of the hot water (outlet of the solar heater), then the microcontroller will stop the pump motor. Else (If more solar energy) the microcontroller will switch on the pump motor. Hence, the pump motor is operated automatically accordingly with the solar energy. By using this system, the user can use both the hot water and cool water.

Automatic Solar Water Heating System is user-friendly and it is very economical. The microcontroller will control the operations of this system. So, this system works very efficiently.




  • syed naimuddin

    October 14, 2020 - 4:34 PM

    can i get complete project report for auto matic solar water heater

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