Cyber Automobile Shop

The main objective of this project is to develop an application framework for communication between the various participating entities involved in the e-business of Cyber Auto mobile Shop system. This application framework will combine the powerful inventory search features for both old and new car configuration with pricing information, side-by-side comparison tools and separate photo galleries. The site owners, sellers, buyers, market researchers, auto classified businesses and car dealers are the few entities in the e-business of Cyber Auto mobile Shop system. By using this application, site visitors can access the new and used cars from local dealers & independent sellers. By entering the model and manufacturing company, they can search the cars. In this application, the dealers can communicate with private-party sellers and can buy new or used cars through internet.

New Dealers should register to the web site of system. After successful registration, they can promote their dealership with featuring photos, interactive links to their website and enhanced listings. The registered dealers can receive the responses from the site-surfers or car sellers instantly and can respond accordingly. By using this application, the support sellers can place the ads about their used vehicle through online. With its comprehensive search features, Cyber Auto mobile Shop project will create the communication among millions of vehicle shoppers or visitors and its registered dealers and sellers within few seconds. In this way, it strengthens the relationship between involving entities along with a good flow of auto classified e-business.

This system provides some valuable XML based web services that include inquired inventory information & unique dealerships. Also it makes those services available over the internet for all other auto classified business web sites.


Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Intel Pentium-IV Intel 80486 or higher

Clock speed: Minimum 800 MHZ or above

RAM: 256 MB RAM or above

HDD: Minimum 80 GB

FDD: 1.44 MB


Software Requirements:

Operating System Windows’2000 or XP

Front End: VB.Net

Back End: SQL Server 2005