Wireless Advanced Aircraft Monitoring System


The Wireless Advanced Aircraft Monitoring System is developed for aircraft with 4 or 6 cylinder engines. This system is a complete aircraft monitoring and data acquisition system. In this system, every engine instrument reading is continuously gathered, compared against user-configurable set points. These readings are displayed on a sunlight readable, color Display. By using this system, the user can customize the display. This system is better than original ACS2002 and easy to use. He can add or eliminate any of the standard instruments to the screen. The screen can be oriented horizontally or vertically. Also, Wireless Advanced Aircraft Monitoring System (WAAMS) provides a complete fuel computer system, aircraft monitoring functions and completely customizable electronic checklists.

Electronic Checklists

The checklist pages can be any bitmap image. This system can store up to 10 user checklist pages, including graphics. The user can include traditional text checklists as well as diagrams of systems or combinations of both.


Gallons Remaining

The fuel gauges store two calibration tables, one for plane level and one for tail down. The fuel tank levels are calibrated on installation in 2 gallon increments to correct for sender position. Here, the fuel gauges will read correctly for a tail wheel airplane when it is on the ground as well as in level flight.


Methodology of this Project

1. GSM (Global System for Mobile)

2. PC RS232 Communication

3. IR – 38 KHZ

4. Pressure Sensors

-are the main parts of this system.




  • Selamawit

    January 13, 2022 - 2:48 PM

    Hello can I get the full document of your project based on aircraft monitoring and flight systems….it’s kind of interesting!
    Thank you

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