Zig Zag Pneumatic Lift

Zig Zag Pneumatic LiftThe main objecive of Zig Zag Pneumatic Lift project is develop a lift system for lifting any weight using air pressure. In this project, we stored high pressure air in a tank. A zig zag pattern is connected with a cylinder with piston arrangement.

The cylinder and the air tank are connected by the two pipes with ball valves. When one ball valve is opened, the high pressure air will enter into the cylinder. Hence, the piston will move in one direction. The rod connected with the piston pushes the zig zag frame so that the lift moves up.
When we opens the other ball valve, the air inside the cylinder is released. So, the lift comes down.

The benefits of this project are given below:
1) This system is very economical and works efficiently.
2) Electric or hydraulic power is not required.

The main parts of the zig zag pneumatic lift system are:
• Cylinder with piston
• Air Tank
• Ball valves
• Zig zag frames