The main aim of the Cyber Job Portal project is to provide a common platform for the job providers & the job seekers. This project will provide a search engine. By using this search engine, the candidate can search the job and the corporate companies can choose the right candidate. It will store and maintain the information of the all registered users. The system maintains a specialized search engine which provides instant availability of the jobs as per the user’s category.

If there is any job vacancy in a specific category, this system will notify the job seeker. Cyber Job Portal System will maintain the information about all job providers as well as the job seekers. The system will notify the job provider with the information about the registered job seekers under the category required by the job provider.

In this system, the job seeker can search the required job and then he can directly send his resume to the corresponding company’s email address. The job provider can quickly send e-mail to the candidates who fall under their category. This system is user-friendly and it works very efficiently.

Proposed System:

The main features of the Cyber Job Portal are given below:

  • The system provides the proper information briefly.
  • It will make all transactions quickly and efficiently.
  • It provides the data security.
  • The system generates the reports quickly.
  • It will make the calculations accurately and efficiently.
  • It provides huge maintenance of records.

We should understand the existing system and requirements of new system. Then, we can consult the different people involved in the related activities. We can collect the data needed for the study from the company records.

The computerization of this system will reduce the mistakes in calculation of data and the wrong interpretation. The system works very quickly and efficiently. By using this system, the user can view any documents, source code, tasks, activities, team information with details at the click of a button. The system maintains the stored data efficiently and reduces the loss of data.

Software Requirements:


Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Intel Pentium IV Processor or above
Processor Speed: Minimum 1.5 GHz
RAM: 512 MB RAM or more
Hard Disk: Minimum 80 GB HDD
Mouse: Optical mouse
Keyboard: 104 keys