Vehicle Immobilization System

detect the vehicle theft by using the embedded system

The main objective of this project is to detect the vehicle theft by using the embedded system. Nowadays, vehicle theft is occurring in the places like parking area, houses etc. We developed this Vehicle Immobilization System to reduce the vehicle theft.
In this project, we connected a keypad for entering the password. The password entered is displayed on the LCD display. If password entered is wrong, the alarm will get turned on. If the authorized user provides the correct password then the petrol tank of vehicle will open. Later, he can move the vehicle. If an unauthorized user tries to move a vehicle by giving the wrong password, the alarm circuit will get turned on and it sends the alert message to the owner of vehicle.

Here, we connected a wheel moving sensor with the wheel of vehicle. This sensor will sense the wheel movement. If unauthorized person tries to move a vehicle, then the wheel moving sensor will sense the movement of vehicle and RF transmitter module will transmit the RF signal. The connecting RF receiver module section will receive that RF signal. Later, receiver section will turn ON the alarm circuit. In this way, this project protects the vehicle.