Digital Vehicle Fuel Level Indicator

Digital Vehicle Fuel Level Indicator

The main objective of the Digital Vehicle Fuel Level Indicator project is to detect the fuel level in the vehicle’s fuel tank and to indicate the fuel level information on LCD display automatically.


The micro controller unit, fuel level sensor and LCD display unit are the main blocks of this project. By using the fuel level detection circuit, we can detect the level of the fuel in the vehicle’s fuel tank. In this project, we placed the sensors at various places to detect the fuel level of the vehicle’s fuel tank. The sensors will detect fuel level and sends the signals to the micro controller unit to determine the exact fuel level information.

When the fuel level in the fuel tank reaches the top level sensor, this project alerts the user through the beep noise. The LCD display will display the fuel level information. In this project, the level information is displayed in terms of percentage. This information is programmed according to the position of sensor. The buzzer indication is set to execute continuously for the low level until the user press the key. It is set to execute once for medium level and for the high level. By using this project, the user can check the fuel level in his vehicle’s fuel tank. This project is user-friendly and it works very efficiently.