Valve Regrinding Machine

The main objective of this project is to develop a valve grinding machine to regrind the valves. Many valves and valve guides will not match properly. Hence, it needs regrinding of the valves. We can classify the grinding machines according to the type of surfaces they are used to produce. The surplus stock is removed to bring the valve to the required shape, size and surface finish. By forcing the revolving wheel against the valve or by feeding the valve against the revolving wheel, we can remove the surplus stock. Only skilled persons are allowed to operate the precision grinding machines. They should use the precision grinding machines carefully.

These machines should be constructed very accurately. By using the precision grinding machines, we can produce the products that have close dimensional tolerances. The rotating parts should be balanced properly to avoid the vibration. To provide the permanency of alignment, the frames of this machine should be rigid and heavy.

This project contains two small motors. One motor is used to rotate the grinding wheel and another motor is used to provide the speedy motion to the value stem. A swiveling head is attached to adjust and set the value angle to the desired level. By using this project, we can grind the valve faces of the used engine values to the required angle.

Benefits of this value-regrinding machine are given below:

  • The manufacturing cost of this machine is very less when compared with the costly machine that performs the same operation.
  • It is simple and easy to use.

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