Two Wheeler with Propeller Shaft

The main objective of this project is to rotate the back-wheel of a two wheeler using the propeller shaft. Normally, we used chain and sprocket method to drive the back wheel of a two wheeler.


In this project, we connected the Engine at the front part of the two wheeler and the back wheel of the two wheeler is connected with the bevel gear (driven). A long rod is connected with the shaft of the engine. The other side of the long rod is connected with a set of bevel gears. Here, beval gears are used to rotate the shaft of engine in 90 degree angle. Hence, the back wheel of two wheeler will rotate in perpendicular to the engine shaft. In this way, the two wheeler will move forward. Based on the direction of motion of the engine, the wheel of two wheeler will move forward or reverse. This project reduces the usage of chain and sprocket method.

The main parts of this project are given below:

• Two wheeler

• Engine

• Set of bevel gears

• Long rod



This project reduces usage of chain and sprocket method.

The manufacturing cost of this project is very less.

It is user-friendly and works efficiently.




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