Speed Vehicle Sensing

Speed Vehicle Sensing project is used to prevent the vehicle accidents in the check posts, restricted roads. It uses communication technologies to control the vehicles. Main aim of this project is to help the people to ride their vehicles safely.


Presently, there is rapid development is happening in the communication field. People are using different communication medias to communicate with each other across the world. A person from one place can communicate with another person who is from another place in the world very quickly and efficiently. We can develop the communication field by using the Micro controllers. Radio Frequency (RF) module plays important role in communication systems and it consist receivers and transmitters. The main advantage of RF module is that we can connect it with the Micro Controller so easily. The proposed Speed Vehicle Sensing project controls the speed of vehicles in high speed restricted areas automatically by using the RF module.

Two modules of this project are given below:

  1. RF transmission Module
  2. RF reception module

RF transmission Module

  • RF transmitter
  • A Micro controller (89C51)
  • Power supply
  • Encoder
  • Keyboard

-are the components of the RF transmission Module.

RF reception module

• RF receiver

• A Micro controller (89c51)

• Power supply

• Decoder

• Relay and LCD unit

-are the components of the RF Reception Module.