Energy Management with Zigbee

Energy Management with Zigbee

To decrease the global warming process we need to aim at reducing the emission of CO2. The CO2 emission can be reduced efficiently by decreasing the energy consumption.


The main aim of this Energy Management project is to control the energy consumption by using Zigbee router module.  The proposed system is based on wireless sensor network technology, it should be developed in very less cost and work efficiently.


In this system, environmental sensors connected with Zigbee router modules are placed on different locations to collect the environmental data. The control unit of the proposed system with collected data and preset energy quota will renews the status of each electrical appliance in order to reduce the energy consumption.

Wireless Sensor network (WSN) is the most famous solution for solving problems in building automated energy management. The advantages of wireless sensor systems are: we can maintain its high levels of functionality with good cost-efficiency, reliability and decrease in wiring and labor cost in building automation technologies. But there is a need to increase its power efficiency and range of the wireless digital signal transmission. In this system we used Wireless mesh networking technology to get better quality wireless signals and to address the issue surrounding wireless signal attenuation.

The two sections of this project are:

  1. First section is a transmitter which has LDR and temperature sensor, are used to retrieve the light intensity and temperature. We will connect this data with serial ADC through receiver section using Zigbee module.
  2. We are using Temperature sensor and LDR in second section. It is a transmitter which is used to retrieve the temperature and light intensity through serial; ADC will communicate with Zigbee module.

The switches at the receiver will indicate which transmitter is depend upon both sensor threshold value and the particular information is displayed on the LCD.


Now, we automated every system to solve the new challenges. The main advantage of automated system is its reliability, accuracy, flexibility and less manual works. So now every field is using automated control systems. Automated systems with Zigbee technology are working very efficiently in the electronics field. Zigbee is new wireless technology guided by IEEE 802.15.4 Personal Area Network standard and it is used for communication in electronics field. It is developed for the wide ranging controlling applications and to change the existing non-standard technologies. It currently operates in 914MHz band at 40kbps in USA, 868MHz band at a data rate of 20Kbps in Europe, and the 2.4GHz ISM bands Worldwide at a maximum data-rate of 250kbps.


We can decrease the energy consumption in building the residential commercial building by using this project.

The Zigbee technology will represent the highly reliable, secure, networking and low power consuming wireless network.