Video over Variable Bandwidth Links

Video over Variable Bandwidth Links

Presently most of people are using internet all over the world. It is a better network with time-varying bandwidth characteristics. A system which multicast the video through Internet must fulfill the various requirements and capabilities of the receiver. For this we need to use adaptive mechanisms. A mechanism which places a number of constraints on the network is called Real-time multimedia traffic. The problem of varying bandwidth in multimedia multicast application can be solved by using conventionally multi-layered transmission of data. Now, most of data flows are burst in nature and consumes more bandwidth.

At the same time, we can view unexpected changes in available bandwidth which may leads to lot of variations in received video quality. Our main aim is to reduce these variations. In our approach during data transmission, we have a belief of available bandwidth using bandwidth prediction model.  This model updated automatically based on the feedback from receiver. We can prevent the problem of bandwidth variation that may arise in future using start up latency. The time before play out starts at client is called as Start up Latency.

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