Pedaling Dress Washing Machine

The main objective of the pedaling dress washing machine project is to save the electricity power. In this project, we developed a pedal washing machine. This washing machine does not require electricity power. Nowadays, we are using the electronic washing machines to wash the clothes. But common people are unable to buy and use these machines. Because these machines are very costly. We designed the pedal dress washing machine for the poor people. By using this washing machine, they can wash their clothes easily. It is very economical and user-friendly.



  • Drum
  • Rack and pinion
  • Washing shaft
  • Pedaling arrangement

-are the main parts of this project.


In this project, we developed the pedal dress washing machine with simple mechanism for washing clothes. The main advantage of this project is, the pedaling operation acts like an good exercise to the human being. The working principle of this washing machine is very simple. Just put down the cloths in to the cylinder. Then, fill required water in to the cylinder and start to pedal the pedaling system. When pedaling system starts to rotate it will rotate the washing blades with the help of the rack and pinion arrangements. The shaft is welded with the pinion. The pinion is placed on the cylinder. The rack and pinion arrangement will give the forward and reverse direction rotation for the operation of washing clothes.  This pedaling washing machine is easy to use and works very efficiently.


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