Multi Agri Cutter

Multi Agri Cutter project is developed for the agricultural field. It is very user-friendly and easy to use. By using this equipment, we can easily cut the crops, sugar cane, wooden pieces and etc… This project is the new, innovative and effective concept. This project is very useful for the farmers.


The below items are used in this equipment:

  • Cutter
  • Motor
  • Rotating Disc
  • Ram

This project contains a motor and rotating disc arrangement. The motor is working with the help of electric power supply. We fixed the arrangement of rotating disc on the motor shaft. The rotating disc arrangements are running like a cam. We fixed the cutters on the top of the ram arrangements. When we switch ON the machine, the motor will start to rotate the cam arrangements and it is shown in the below figure.  By using the using simple mechanisms, we converted the rotary motion in to the linear motion. The linear motion ram is connected to the cutters. So that, the cutter will move in upward and downward direction. In this way, the cutting process is carried out through this machine. By using the multi agricultural cutter, we can easily cut the crops, sugarcane, wooden materials and etc.



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