License Scanning Automobile Security System


The main objective of License scanning automobile security system project is to provide high security to the vehicles using the license scanning system. This project is very user-friendly and works efficiently.


The main parts in this project are given below:

  • Microcontroller
  • License Scanner (CD drive)
  • Electronic circuit
  • PC interface


In this project, the scanner (CD drive) is connected with the PC (Personal Computer). By using serial port, the microcontroller kit is connected to the PC. The microcontroller kit is connected with the key section of the vehicle.

We stored the image of license in the PC. When the user inserts the CD (image is stored in the CD) into the CD drive, the software in the PC will identify the image. Then, the software compares that image with the existing image stored in the PC. If both images are same, then it will send signal to the microcontroller via RS232. The microcontroller will receive the signal. Then it will send signal to the relay section via drivers. The relay section will maintain the key section of the vehicle. Thus, the operation of the vehicle depends upon the image stored in the CD. If the software does not identify the image of license, then the key section of vehicle will not work.



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