Ecommerce Storefront Application

Nowadays, the revolution in technology has provided many advantages to the businesses. Businesses should reach global customers and it should be cost effective and very efficient. Also it should overcome the problems in the fields like Logistics and Order fulfilment, Communication, Supply Chain, Research & Development, Procurement, Sales & Marketing etc. Businesses should provide better user experience to the customers, build good relationship with customers, should work more efficiently and must reduce costs.

In this proposed project, we are developing an e-commerce system by integrating the new technologies to the real-world development scenarios.  In the footwear business, we implemented Online Shoe Storefront for a company named Ideal Footwear. The main aim of this project is to develop a solid e-commerce infrastructure and it should fulfil the actual business aspects of the system.

E-commerce solution is a development model for all the businesses from SMEs to Large enterprises selling products and online services. This model is developed to enable E-commerce capabilities in progressive stages to a full-fledged site for business and to increase the advantages of internet.

Project title: Ecommerce Storefront Application

Software Requirements:

Front End: PHP

Back End: Apache HTTP server 2.2

Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Minimum Pentium V Processor or higher

RAM: Minimum 1 GB or more

Hard Disk: 60 GB HDD or more

Monitor: Minimum 14 inch screen monitor

Mouse: 3 Button scroll/ Wireless mouse

CD Drive: 52 X

Keyboard: Standard 108 keys


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