Call Center Executer

Nowadays the use of call centers becomes a famous method of providing valuable customer support, streamlining order taking and centralizing information services. So, now Call Center Executor is an important skill. The skills required to start and manage a call center are as follows.

  • Staff recruitment and personnel management.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Technical understanding of the options available.

A successful Call Center Executer plays a very important role in developing a valuable relationship with customers. It helps long-term business growth of call center and is very useful for both small customer service departments and large call centers.

The Call Center Executer system stores the important information of the customer like contact number, address, services etc. It is very useful for the organization and maintains the roaster details of employee. This system handles the employee’s information.

By using this system we can track the login details of employee. It also maintains the information of the employee who attended the call. His behavior, his communication with customer will be stored into a file. . Sometimes a customer may request for a specific service to the organization. The system will maintain this data also.


The development of this new system has the following activities. By keeping in the view of database integration approach, these activities will try to automate the entire process.

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• This application is very easy to use, user-friendly and system Rich User Interface provides various controls.

• The proposed system makes the complete project management more flexible and easier.

• We can access the system through the Intranet.

• The user information is stored in the centralized database and the system maintains this information.

This system can provide the better security for user information because the data is not stored in the client machine.


  • Administrator
  • Customers
  • Call Center Employees
  • Employee Rosters
  • Services
  • Reports

Hardware Requirements:

RAM: Minimum 256 MB RAM

Hard Disk: 20 GB HDD

Monitor: Minimum 14 inch screen monitor

Mouse: 3 Button scroll/ Wireless mouse

CD Drive: 52 X

Keyboard: Standard 108 keys

Software Requirements:

Operating System: WINDOWS OS (XP / 2000 / 200 Server / 2003 Server)

Front End: Visual Studio .Net 2008 Enterprise Edition

Back End: SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

Internet Information Server 5.0 (IIS)

Visual Studio .Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment) version 3.5

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