Chat Server

The main objective of the Chat Server package using MS ACCESS and JAVA is to develop a chat server which can teach a new user how to chat fluently and get well equipped with Chat server. It should be easy for users to make chat with other users. Communication is the main goal of our package. This package enables all the registered users to develop the good relationship with all types of people involved in the internet. Also it helps the user in gathering information about the various peoples involved in the internet. By using this chat server, the user will know about the culture of various peoples. The users can improve their communication skills.

Main advantage of this site is you can easily change the appearance and look of the site according to the taste of the user. This package is not restricted to only few users. Anyone who has registered as a authorized user can use this package and it is completely free. This site is highly secure and a person can enter this site only after fulfilling the security criteria. After entering in to this site, user will find it is very easy to use. The entire package is developed by JAVA SWINGS, SOCKETS, JDK 1.3.1 and MICROSOFT ACCESS for Database users. By using client server technology, this package works in WINDOWS 98 or in any other platform.

 Overview of Project

The CHAT SERVER project deals with the mail communication with peoples involved in the internet chatting and searching the site. The main objective of this proposed project is to develop web enabled model software to computerize the people’s life style. This project will create the environment for communication. Normally, it is a boring task to wait in front of the computer and to search for the users who entered the server.

This project eliminates this boring task. Also we seen that certain systems get disconnected from the internet so often, this is also eliminated from this project. Moreover we had implemented the site keeping in mind of this package getting used by users of any level. He could be one who has freshly learned Internet or a software engineer or even a small boy. By using this chat server, the users can communicate with any other users at any time and at any place. User can make appointment with doctor or any other professionals and so on. By using the searching option, we can search for different matters. In this project, new users also can chat with others easily.

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