Single Cylinder Double acting Pump


The main objective of this project is to develop the single cylinder double acting pump. This project is very innovative project. This project is very useful for the small scale industries. By using this project, the user can produce the air instead of replacing the compressor to use the pneumatically operated equipments. In this project, the pneumatic cylinder and air tank are used to do such operations. We can use this equipment in the pneumatic powered equipments such as pneumatic cylinder etc… This project will reduce the cost to produce the compressed air. This project is user-friendly and it works very efficiently.


The project consist the following parts

  • Air tank
  • Pneumatic cylinder
  • Cam
  • Motor

–          are the main parts of this project.



Here, the piston of the pneumatic cylinder is connected to the shaft of cam disc. The motor shaft is connected to the cam disc. The cam can be rotated using the motor. By using rotary motion of the cam, we can operate the pneumatic cylinder to the linear motion (i.e. forward and reverse).  The two inlet ports of pneumatic cylinder are connected to the four non return valves. The two non return valves are connected to the pneumatic cylinder and other two non return valves are connected to the air tank. Then, motor rotates the pneumatic cylinder in forward and reverse direction. During this motion, the atmospheric air is sucked and this air is sent to the air tank. The air tank has two side in the non-return valve. Hence, the air can’t come out from the air tank. The stored air can be used for the required applications.


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