Remote Controlled Drilling Machine


The main objective of the Remote Controlled Drilling Machine project is to control the operation of a drilling machine through the remote control. This project is very user-friendly and works efficiently.


The main parts of this project are given below:

  • A Robot
  • Controlling unit
  • Multi channel RF transmitter
  • RF receiver
  • Drilling unit


The remote hand set contains four buttons. When the user presses a specific button in the remote hand set, the RF transmitter will send corresponding RF signal to the RF receiver. The RF receiver will receive the signal and it will send signal to the controlling section. The controlling section will control the driver section for the corresponding operation of the motor.  Thus, the robot works accordingly.

The user can move the drilling section vertically up and down. Based on the place to be drilled, the driving section can be adjusted.  A chuck is connected with this drilling section. The drill bit can be connected with the chuck. By using remote control, the user can move the robot to any place in the specific area. We can use this robot to drill the areas where human cannot enter. It is easy to use.



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