Model Highway Road Curve Finder

The main aim of the Model Highway Road Curve Finder project is to alert the vehicle driver about the upcoming road curve and to prevent the accident of vehicle during the conditions such as mist, heavy rain etc.


We developed this project to prevent the vehicle accidents during the bad weather conditions like during heavy rain, mist etc. In that situation, the driver is unable to see the fore coming road curves. It may cause vehicle accident. By using this project, vehicle driver can avoid the accidents in such conditions. Micro controller and Ultrasonic sensors are used in this project.

We placed the ultrasonic transmitter and receiver in the vehicle. The ultrasonic transmitter will transmit the reflected ultrasonic waves and receiver will receive those signals from the obstacle. By using the control circuitry, we can set the transmitter’s coverage range. During the bad weather conditions, we can turn on this module and then transmitter will transmit the ultrasonic waves continuously.

If there is any curve in the road, then the transmitted rays will get reflected and the receiver will receive those transmitted ultrasonic rays. Then the micro controller will identify the presence of the road curve through LCD display and it will alert the vehicle driver through the buzzer.

This project is very user-friendly and it is very useful for the drivers while driving the vehicle in forest areas, mountainous regions etc. With the help of this project, the driver of the vehicle can identify the presence of the sharp curve in the road and can drive the vehicle safely.