Micro controller Based Vehicle Fare Meter

Vehicle Fare Meter

The main objective of the Micro controller Based Vehicle Fare Meter project is to calculate and display the travelled distance in kilometre, the travelling amount, vehicle’s waiting time, total time of travel.


We can calculate the important parameters of a travelling vehicle by using this project. Then by using these data we can calculate the travel fare. If we implemented this fare calculating method in vehicles like call taxi then common people can pay the fare amount accurately to the taxi drivers.

We can detect the RPM by placing the tacho meter like sensor across the wheel and this value is sent to the micro controller. By using this, we can accurately calculate the distance travelled.

The driver will press a switch when the passenger enters/leaves his vehicle. Then timer in the controller will get turned on or off and the total time of travel is calculated with the help of this timer. When driver pressed another switch, the waiting time will be calculated and by using this time, charge to the passenger is calculated.

By using the appropriate methods, these parameters are detected. With the help of the micro controller, the travel fare is calculated accurately and it is displayed on the LCD display.

Hardware Requirements:

• Micro controller 89c51

• Keys

• Power supply

• Sensors

• 2 line LCD

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