The main aim of Automatic Saw Cutting project is to develop a system to cut the woods and metals automatically without using man power.


This project is very helpful for the industrial companies.  In industrial companies, there is need to cut the woods and metals into various shapes. But cutting the woods and metals by using man power takes more time and it gives less accuracy. Automatic Saw Cutting project reduces the man power in cutting the metals and wood. By using this project, we can cut the metals and wood automatically and accurately. Also this project saves the time and it works very efficiently.

This project contains micro controller, Relay driver circuit along with relays, Keypad, Real time clock and Mechanical arrangement.

Real time clock is used to generate the real timing signal and it is also referred as RTC. It is a special type of Integrated Circuit (IC) and this IC has inbuilt battery. Even though the power is switched off, it can control the timing signal. Real time clock transfers the timing signal to the micro controller.

By using the set of keys in the keypad, we can set the time of operation. In this project, the micro controller may be PIC or Atmel. Both are flash type re programmable micro controller in which we have already programmed.

In this project, the timing for cutting a material will be set in the micro controller using the keypad. Real Time Clock sends the timing signal to the micro controller. Micro controller receives that signal and activates the relay driver circuit for that specific time period. The relay output is connected with mechanical arrangement. This mechanical arrangement is designed to be fit the different hack saw like sharp teeth, slanting teeth etc. So the cutting operation is performed for that specific time period. At the end of that time, micro controller will turn OFF the relay. So the cutting operation will stop. In this way, we can perform the cutting operation automatically.