Automatic Speed Breaking System

Main aim of the proposed, Automatic Speed Breaking System is to provide a safety system to our society which prevents accidents happens in the restricted roadways using communication technologies. Our project is very useful for the passengers who travel in the speed restricted areas.


Presently, communication is spreading all over the world and any person can communicate with other persons across the world at anytime and anywhere by using the communication technologies. Communication field is now developing very quickly with the help of the Micro controllers. Radio Frequency (RF) is very useful in the various communication systems such as radio and telephone communication system etc.

An RF module is a small electronic circuit, which is used to transmit or receive radio signals on carrier frequencies. Transmitters and receivers are main contents of the Radio Frequency module. One of the important feature of the RF module is it can be easily interfaced with Micro Controller. So, by using RF modules in our project we can automatically control the speed of vehicles in the high speed restricted areas.


• RF transmission Module

• RF reception module.

–         are the main modules of Automatic Speed Breaking System.


The RF Transmission Module consists:


• RF transmitter

• Encoder

• Keypad

• Power supply


The contents of RF Reception Module are given below:


• RF receiver module

• Decoder

• Micro controller (89c51)

• Power supply

• Relay

• LCD unit

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