Automobile Surveillance

The main aim of the automobile surveillance project is to reduce the automobile theft and to provide good security to the automobiles. We developed this innovative project for the purpose of the surveillance of the automobiles.


Nowadays communication is becoming popular everywhere. Now it is spread all over the world and we can communicate with a person who is living in another corner of the world easily. Communication media has made our life easy. The computers and micro controllers are helping to improve the communication field very quickly.

The Radio Frequency (RF) module has transmitters and receivers. RF plays a very important role in the communication systems. The important feature of the RF module is its easy interface facility with the Micro Controller and the Computer. So, in our project we planned to use the RF modules for the surveillance of the automobiles.

This project contains following devices:

  1. RF transmission Module
  2. RF reception module


We placed the transmitter module in the automobiles for transmitting the address of the automobile. This section contains the micro controller. The micro controller is programmed to generate the RF signal according to the input set through the address setting keypad. The address setting keypad is used to send the address of the automobiles to the micro controller. The micro controller is used to transfer the RF signal to the Transmitter. The transmitter will receive the signal from the micro controller and it sends the RF signal though antenna. In this project, we provided the selector switch facility. You can switch the RF transmission either automatically or by manually.

RF Transmission Module has the devices given below:

1) Micro controller (89C51)

2) RF transmitter

3) Auto and Manual switches and indicators

4) Address setting keypad


The RF reception module is placed at the check station or check post to receive the RF signal sent by the Transmission module. By using MAX 232 port, this module is interfaced with the PC. The RF receiver will receive the RF signal sent by the RF transmission module. It will receive the RF signal and transfers those signal to the PC. The MAX232 port is used to interface the receiver with the PC.

 RF Reception Module has the devices given below:

1) PC (personal computer)

2) RF receiver module

3) MAX 232

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