Bank Security with Automatic Voice Announcement System

The main aim of Bank Security with Automatic Voice Announcement System project is to improve the performance of Bank security in the highly secured places and to alert the authority person automatically. By using this project, we can increase the bank security performance in the bank Locker places and Cash Counter, homes and other highly secured places. If a person tries to make theft in the bank then this project will make alert to the authority person automatically and it turns on the voice synthesizer circuit for the automatic voice announcement.


This proposed project is designed with:

• IR transmitter and receiver

• Gas sensor

• Fire sensor

• Microcontroller

• Data cable with mobile.

• Comparator

• RS 232

Infra red transmitter and receiver – they are placed in the entrance door. At first, the infra red transmitter sends the rays to the receiver. If anyone crosses those rays then it transfers the signal to the micro controller through the comparator.

Gas sensor – It is used to sense the leakage of gas in the house. If there is gas leakage in the house, then it will sense that gas leakage and transfers the voltage signal to the comparator.  Gas sensor is a type of transducer.

Fire sensor – is used to sense the flame in the house. If any fire accident happens in the house the flame sensor will sense that fire and generates the voltage signal. Then it transfers voltage signal to the comparator.

The micro controller – It is the flash type re-programmable micro controller in which we have already programmed with a desired phone number. The micro controller will receive the signal from the comparator and it will call to the authority person as per the number which is stored in the micro controller automatically. Also it turns ON the voice synthesizer. We have already stored the corresponding information in the voice format in the voice synthesizer.

The mobile phone – By using data cable and RS 232, mobile is interfaced with the micro controller. Data cable is the special type of cable which is available with mobile phone.

The comparator – is used to compare the reference level with acquired signal from the sensor. If any transducer is activated due to that corresponding reason then the comparator transfers the error voltage to the micro controller.

RS 232 – is used to convert TTL logic to RS 232 logic.

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