Automatic Fuel Tank Filling System

The main objective of the proposed, Automatic Fuel Tank Filling System project is to fill the fuel tank of the vehicle automatically by using the user input given through the keyboard.


We innovating a new idea in this project, by which we can fill the vehicle fuel tank with the accurate quantity of fuel on the basis of user input through keyboard. In this system, we are using the micro controller to perform the overall controlling functions.

Here we placed the fuel tank at a constant height and pressure level of the tank is maintained at a particular level so that fuel which is released out through the tube could be same quantity. In this system, constant volume tube is used to take the fuel out of the source tank and it is controlled based on the time factor.

After measuring the quantity of fuel flowing from the outlet we need to set the timing value for each and every unit of fuel. Then this can be implemented with the same outlet valve size and tank pressure.

The indicator is used to indicate the process status and LCD display is used to display the amount of fuel filled to the fuel tank of the vehicle. When we entered quantity of fuel which is to be filled to the vehicle fuel tank in the unit of liters, the micro controller unit will identify this data and it actuates the valve control circuitry to open and close the valve for corresponding time limit so as to fill fuel to the vehicle fuel tank. By using this system, we can fill the accurate quantity of fuel in terms of liters in to the vehicle fuel tank.

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