Antirigging Voting System Using Finger Print

The main objective of the proposed project is to develop an anti rigging voting system using finger print. This project will provide a reliable and secured environment to the customers to elect the candidates with the help of the intelligent electronic voting machine. By using the Finger print identification technology, this project provides a unique identity to every user.

Project title: Antirigging Voting System Using Finger Print


This project uses the finger prints of user as the authentication for Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) so we need to provide good security to it. Intelligent EVM includes a microcontroller and interfaces. We developed this Embedded based project (i.e. Intelligent EVM) to count, collect, store, record and display the votes cent percent accurately. At the end of pool, the display section in intelligent EVM will display the number of votes with respect to each candidate.

  • Control unit
  • Ballet unit

–          are the two units of this project.

By using the keypad in the ballet unit, the user can elect any candidate and this system avoids the duplicate voting. The number of members for electing can be increased by using control unit and it is designed by the micro controller. Firstly we have to press the switch to access the finger print scanner. The micro controller is interfaced to scanner by using the serial interfacing. The data received from scanner is read by the micro controller. The micro controller allows the authorized users to vote and it switches on the security alarm if any unauthorized users tried to make vote in this system. Now the microcontroller receives the information and the result is displayed in the LCD screen. The labeling on the keypad of ballet unit can be used to identify the respective candidate and the control unit is interfaced with ballet unit. The micro controller records the data internally in its internal flash and then processes that data. The control unit is designed by the micro controller.



Nowadays, we are using the computer to store the important and sensitive information. But this information is not secure, it can be viewed and misused by unauthorized users. For example, the employees detail and students detail etc… Only authority person is allowed to modify these details. To protect this information we can give password for our PC’s so only authority person can view information after entering correct password. But this method also has drawbacks like the authority person may forget the password or there may be a chance of revealing the password. To solve these problems we have to develop a unique and simple to remember identification to protect our information in PC. Finger print identification method is one such security method to protect information.

Fingerprint Scanner is based on the unique NITGEN Fingerprint Biometric Technology and it is a device for computer Security. Superior performance, accuracy, durability are some important features of the finger print scanner. We can connect the Fingerprint Scanner in to our computer with the mouse. This method is very safe and easier method than the password protection method. Because it is difficult for users to remember their password.

We can provide secured and reliable environment to the customers for electing the candidates by developing the proposed intelligent EVM. This system is user-friendly and easy to use.

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