Campaign Information System

Campaign Information System

Advertisement of the products through different media such as sign boards, TV Commercials, Tele marketing, letters etc is called as the Campaign. There is a specific period for every campaign and there are various campaigns for the various products. Campaign Information System project is very useful for the companies like insurance, manufacturing companies etc to increase the sale of their new products and gain more profit. This project makes estimation on sales to be achieved, allocates budget for each campaign and calculates variance allowed (%) both for sales and budget before starting the campaign. We can calculate the actual variance (%) after capturing the actual data. The company can make strategic decisions about budgets with the help of this project. The insurance company will get an insight into their sales estimation by using the difference between the actual and the estimated variance.

Software Requirements:

Front End: PHP

Back End: Apache HTTP server 2.2

Hardware Requirements:

RAM: Minimum 1 GB RAM or more

Hard Disk: Minimum 60 GB HDD

Processor: Pentium III/AMD Athlon XP Processor or more

FDD: 1.44MB or more

Monitor: 14” screen monitor

Mouse: 3 Button scroll

CD Drive: Minimum 52 X

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