Training and Placement Cell Management

The main aim of Training and Placement Cell Management project is to provide the automated system for on-line recording of academic details of third and final year students. This project is a web enabled application. By using this project, Training and Placement officer of a college can evaluate and handover the list of candidates of third year and final year. He can choose them on the basis of criterion specified conditions by the companies.


This application is very useful for the Training and Placement Officer. He can verify the records of students by the actual documents. The verified records of students are made available to the Training and Placement Officer (TPO). Later, he can supply the short listed candidates based on the marks of candidates and some other criterion desired by the companies. By using system generated email, Training and Placement Officer can send the list of selected candidates to the various companies.


The main functions of this project are given below:

  • Training and Placement Cell Management Project creates the student input records about the academic career from 10th, 12th standard and all semesters. Also it provides facilities to update the input records and to view the updated records with full security.
  • It provides search interface for eligible candidates for a company’s particular campus for third year students and final year students.
  • This application provides an interface for creating the terms and conditions for campus selection criterion for a particular year. The provisions should be taken for specifying the new set of conditions for separate campus drive.
  • It can create finally checked and verified student records by Training and Placement Officer level users. Once records are approved and verified by TPO, the students are unable to update the records. If TPO gives modification permission then only students can update the records.
  • Indication of hall ticket issued to candidates.
  • This application sends an email to the company for complete list of selected candidates for particular campus.
  • The list of candidates selected for a particular campus drive should be stored.



• This application allows the easy navigation through company information and CV’s.

• It improves the output of operators.

• It will manage the machine and human resources efficiently.

• Easily scalable to grow with changing system requirements.

• It improves the accuracy in result.

• This application minimizes the paper work and storage area

• Locates CV’s easily by the various parameters

• It has user-friendly interface and provides quick authenticated access to the documents.

• It provides better security to the stored data.



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