As the name suggests, the custom validation refers to do some customized validation using the customized logic. In Vb.Net the custom validation control will help in doing the validation with great ease. There will be some of the properties that will be defined in the code snippet that will help in this custom validation. The custom validation in VB.Net application can act as a guide that will help in giving information regarding the custom validation. There can be two types of validation namely server side and client side validation. The client side validation can be done while submitting the form and the server side validation can be done while saving of the information that are submitted by the clients.

Visual basics dot net is an object oriented programming language which is implemented based on the .NET framework. This programming language is designed to meet the need for the web services and web development. This programming language supports multi threading and also web development services with great ease. It helps in managing the large amounts of data through the web with great ease. This will be one of the programming languages that one can trust on in order to develop the web related services.

The properties that present in the customer validator control are as follows:

  • Text: This property will display the text if the validation is not correct.
  • Backcolor: This property gives the back color of the validator control.
  • Display: This property will give the display behavior of the validation control.
  • Error message: This property displays the text to be displayed in the validator control when the error occurs.
  • Fore color: This property gives the foreground color of the validator control.
  • Control to validate: This property will give the id of the control to validate.


Project Name: Custom Validation in VB.Net

Front End: VB.Net

Back End: SQL


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