Here we shared Library management system synopsis. The system deals with the all the requirements needed for managing the library. It deals with the process of managing data about the books in the library. Library management System maintains the record of books in the, issue and return process of the book in the library. Here we are primarily concerned with management of books of library. In this project we identify the need for computer based Library Management System.

Library Management System is a offline application program. Here the member having an account can request the book and the librarian can issue the book based on his request. Member can search for other books or can view the details about his history.

Languages to be used

Modules of Library management system

  • Books:

This module consist the details of the books available in library and their categories. It also contains the list of books in each category and their details.

  • Member Account:

To issue an book from the library, one should have a account in the library. The registration contains all the details about the member like registration number, name, address, contact number etc..

  • Book Request:

This module is used by the member to request a book from the library. The search can be performed by using name of the book, author name, and subject name.

  • Issue of books:

This module is used by the librarian to issue a book based on the request made by the member.

  • Returning Books:

In this module the librarian maintains the details of the books returned by the member, which also includes the fine details, damage book details, lost book details.

  • History:

In this module the member can view the details about the previous issued books, requested books and returned books etc.

  • Reports:

This module includes the details about the issued books, returned books, member reports, fine reports, or any damage to the book or details of the book which are not returned.

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