This article shared Soft Skills Training System Synopsis. Soft Skill program is basically used in interactive sessions like Soft skills training, language labs. The system includes various soft skills enhancement chapters like leadership skills, communication skills, learning skills, creative exercises, career skills etc and also tests conducted based on these topics.

The idea behind this project is to develop an interesting system which students can make use of in order to improve their soft skills through electronic media. The session takes place where every student is connected through individual systems to the instructor in a network. It is more like the Client-Server system.

The colorful user interface, catchy instances, interesting exercises and tests on each module makes the learning more interactive and easily understandable.

There is always a good response from youth towards media. Youths are more attracted to visual and interactive applications hence, Soft Skills Training System is designed to carry out learning in a colorful way.

Languages to be used

  • Front End : PHP
  • Back End : MySQL

Need of Soft skill development program: Soft skills refer to a cluster of personal qualities, habits, attitudes that have the potential to make someone compatible with the requirements of academics and workplaces. As well as playing an important role in the development of students, overall personality and performance, soft skills also amount to good skills in communication, presenting, team building ability interviews and interpersonal skills thus enhancing academic growth.

Modules of Soft Skills Training System

  • User Registration:
    • The User Registration module allows a new user to get registered to the website.
    • In other words an account of the user is created, after which a login id and Password if provided to take advantages of the site.
  • Bookstore : The Bookstore module allows the user who are registered with the website to browse the details of the books to be sold.The required items are added to the cart and then payment is made to receive it at their door step.
    • Search :The required books can be searched based on the Titles and Author Names.
    • Cart : The books that the customer wishes to purchase are initially added to the cart by him.Once the books are added to the cart the user can either continue with his shopping to add more books or proceed to the checkout.
    • Book Details : The details Of all the books that are to be sold are given here. The details such as Title, Author, ISBN, Cost are present.
  • Rental Library :
    • The Rental library is a module where in the books that can be availed for renting are present.
    • The User can choose among various membership plans and he can rent books based on his membership plan.
      • Search: The required books can be searched based on the Titles and Author Names.
      • Membership Plans :
        • Various membership plans are present.
        • There are 3 membership types Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each membership type will have a cost associated with it.
        • Silver membership is for 3 months, Gold membership is for 6 months, Platinum membership is for 12 months.
        • Higher membership, cheaper is the rental.
      • Book Details: The details Of all the books that are to be sold are given here. The details such as Title, Author, ISBN, Cost are present.
  • Payment Gateway :
    • The payment gateway is the one where in the various bank accounts are linked.
    • The amount (money) that is to travel from the source to the destination, goes to the intermediary gateway and the is received at the destination.
    • It provides options such as payment through Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking.
    • Basically it is a link to various Banks for inter bank transactions.
  • Security (SSL Integration) : The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a module that is to be integrated from the Internet Service inorder to provide security during the transactions with the Payment gateway.

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