Here in this article we shared Modules of Student management system. The main purpose of Student Management System is to reduce the manual operation required to maintain all the records of Students. And also generates the various reports for analysis. The purpose of Student Management System is to perform Admission, Student Details, Marks, and About Fees etc. It reduces the human effort by making everything computerized.

Modules of Student management system

Modules of Student management system

The program consists of following modules:

  • LOGIN : It’s a multiple login interface where you can login as ADMIN or as a CLERK.
  • Admin: The admin will have the privileges to access all the functions in the applications.
  • Clerk: The Clerk is restricted to some privileges of the application.
  • MANAGE STUDENT : The Manage Student module will contain two Sub Modules, that is Manage Existing Student and Add new Student. In Manage Existing Student Module we can manipulate the Existing Student Information’s and Update. In Add new Student Module we can add the new Student to the Database.
  • MANAGE SUBJECT : In Manage Subject Module we have two Sub Modules. In Manage Existing Subject Module we can manipulate and update the Existing Subjects. In Add new subject Module we can add the New Subjects which contains the Subject name, Subject Code and the Department in which the subject related to.
  • MANAGE FEES : This module contains the Fees amount of the each Department and this Module is Available only to the Admin. The Admin can Change the Fees Amount for Every Department
  • REPORT : This Module Contains the All Reports related to the Students such as Student Details, Marks of Student, Fees Information etc.. The Admin or the Clerk can print the Reports.
  • SETTING : In this Module every users can Change their password and the User Name.
  • BACK UP : This module deals with backing up of data for future references or to recover the database tables.

Download Modules of Student management system

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