Welcome to Student project guide. Here we shared Social networking project modules and sub modules. Students can follow this if willing to develop any social networking project. Developing social networking for student project is very difficult task. Even it consumes long time to finish the project. Here we shared some selected modules and submodules for student project.

Social networking project modules
Login module
Registration page
Forgot password
Profile module Overview
Work and Education
Place and map
Contact details
Family and relationships
About me with banner image and profile image
Events and Life events
Write quotes on the profile
With quote template
Without quote tempalate
Timeline profile
Friend list Friend request
Friend list
New frind request
Find friends
Auto suggestion friends
Categorywise friends list
Chat and notification Chat notifications
Events and Life events notifications
Birthday notification
send birthday wishes panel
Chat module View friends online offline
Message box
New message
Friend request notification
New post notification
Like notification
Comments notification
emoji feature
Voice call feature
Video chat feature
Group chat feature
User wallpost Status update
Compose message
Upload photo
Upload video
Create photo album
View photos
View text message
View videos
View photo album
like option
love feature
Comment option
Reply comment
Share option
Upload travelling map
Share ideas feature
Share location
like counts
Share counts
Post link
Tag photos
Share wallpost to facebook, twitter, googleplus, linkedin (Auto and Manual)
Security and privacy Wallpost security – Only me, All friends, Everyone
Profile privacy – Only me, all friends, Everyone, on request
Blocking – Block users, block messages, Restricted area
News Views news
News categories
rss feeds
Events and invitation Post events
View events
Invite events
Join events
Groups Create group
Add friends to group
View group
Group members

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