Here we shared Project synopsis on Hostel Management System. Hostel Management system is the system that manages the student data, staff data, students admission process and create receipt for the fees paid by the student who stay in the hostel and also help in maintaining visitor’s messages.

This system is designed in favour of the hostel management which helps them to save the records of the students about their rooms.It helps them from the manual work from which it is very difficult to find the record of the students and the mess bills of the students, and the information of about the those ones who had left the hostel.

We design this system on the request of the hostel management, through this they cannot require so efficient person to handle and calculate the things. This system automatically calculates all the bills and issued the notifications for those students who are against some rules. Through this its possible to  check the personal profile of all the current students within fraction of seconds.

Hostel Management System starts with login where the user is asked to enter the username and password. The system logs the user into the system and opens the main system form where the user can perform different tasks available in the system.

Modules Hostel Management System:

  • Users:-This help the administrator that he/she only crates new user by providing login details.
  • Change password:-Allows the user to change the password
  • Forget Password:-On entering the correct userid and hint answer, User will be able to regain his password.
  • Registration:-Allows to add the details of students regarding personal information, Academic Information, room details etc.Student details can also be modified and deleted.
  • Room Details:-Allows the user to add details of rooms. Also possible to view the status of rooms such as occupied,vacant. Room details can also be modified and deleted.
  • Fees:-Allows to enter the Fees details of the student. Student Fees details can also be modified and deleted.
  • Visitors:-Allows to add the visitors details. Also able to view the visitors depending on various search criteria.
  • Employee:-Allows to add the details of Employees .Employee Details could be modified and deleted. Viewing the Employees as well as searching also could be done.
  • Status:-Displays the details of the students staying in rooms. Depending on the room number Student details will be displayed.
  • Reports:-Student Report and visitors report could be generated.

Languages used:

  • Front End:  Visual Basic 6.0
  • Backend:  Microsoft Access Driver (MDB)

Download Project synopsis on Hostel Management System


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