Plywood Management System deals with keeping track of all the information of inventory of plywood. The objective is to develop an application to keep track of daily, weekly, monthly sales as well as stock in the warehouse. There is also provision to export the data to word and excel. The company requires computerizing day to day job. Plywood management system provides facilities to keep the records of the stocks in the warehouse, services, billing, customers and vendors with all their required details along with all transaction handling.

Plywood Management System

Programming language:

  • Front end:     Visual studio 2010
  • Language:     C#.Net
  • Framework: .Net Framework 4.0
  • Backend:       MySQL

Innovation: When stock is less admin will get the message through SMS.

Usefulness: Problem of the existing system is that all the billing process is done manually which is time consuming and difficult to manage. This software computerizes the billing process thus allows to overcome the existing problem.


Plywood management is all about keeping track of all the information about inventory of plywood. This software keeps track of daily, weekly, monthly sales as well as stock in the warehouse.


  • User management
  • Stock issues
  • Stock upgrade
  • Master
  • Report

Future scope of the project:

This application mainly deals with the stock in the warehouse. New modules like Payroll etc can be added to the existing system with less effort.

Download Source code:

download synopsis


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