eTravel and Tourism agency will automate the processes and activities of a travel and tourism agency. This project helps customer to select places they want to visit and make bookings online for travel and accommodation. Even the customer can cancel booked tickets. The Administrator can add new routes, viewing the routes details. Even admin can add travels,  hotel details. The additional features of the web application is here customer can post feedbacks, complaints in the testimonial form. Administrator can view customer feedbacks.

eTravel and Tourism agency

eTravel and Tourism agency is a widely implemented strategy for managing a travel agency’s interaction with its customers. Ticket reservation which include checking availability, booking tickets payment options. There are 2 types of users. These types who have different roles can be stated as; Admin, customers.

Working prinicple of eTravel and Tourism agency:

This system will help the company to sell the tickets through online. This system we develop in such a way that anybody can check source and destination, date and timings of bus.

  • Admin enters bus details by selecting source and destination location, company details, departure date and time and no of seats.
  • Customer will search bus information by entering date, source and destination location.
  • After making payment confirmation booking ticket will be sent to the customer.

Project modules: The eTravel and Tourism agency has following modules.

  1. Admin module
  2. Travel module
  3. Route module
  4. Reservation module
  5. Testimonial and feedback module.

Software requirements:

  • Programming Language: Technology : Java and J2EE
  • Web Technologies : Html, JavaScript, CSS
  • Web Server : Tomcat
  • Database Server: MySQL
  • IDE: Eclipse

System design of eTravel and Tourism agency:

Future scope of the project:

  • We can develop API based booking system.
  • In future we can build a mobile application for smartphones.
  • Currently the system supports only desktop pc and in future we can make it mobile browser compatible site.
  • The project can be made more users friendly in future.

Download Source code:

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