This is project is mainly concentrate on collecting digital energy meter data from any where in the world and is divided into two parts one is called transmitter end and the other is called receiver end. At the transmitter end digital energy data will be continuously monitored and will be displayed   and will be stored in the microcontroller.

If you are looking for some good electrnoics student projects then you are in the right path. This kinds of project will help you to learn so many things. The technology of Digital Energy Meter has gone through rapid technological advancements and there is increased demand for a reliable and efficient Automatic system. A GSM handset is interfaced to the micro controller through DTMF encoder and decoder for sending the data and taking the command from the receiver.

Collection of Digital Energy Meter Data by using GSM

At the receiver end micro controller interfaced with a GSM handset, DTMF decoder and an LCD display. For collecting the data the receiver GSM has to dial the number of transmitting GSM. As soon as the transmitting GSM receives the call it switches to sending mode. By pressing a pre defined  number specifying that send the data from receiving GSM the transmitter will send the digital meter data and that parameter will be displayed on LCD at the receiving GSM side the.

Collection of Digital Energy Meter Data by using GSM


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